Annual DSP Reports renamed, revamped, and reorganized!

A series of changes have started for the annual DSP Reports. In August 2013, the MPL Association presented the MPL–Closed Claim Comparative (MPL CCC) to replace the Claim Trend Analysis and review claim trends for the most recent 5 and 10 years. This new report also provides additional graphs and data with enhanced exhibits. These changes will greatly increase and improve the functionality of these reports.

In 2014, the MPL Association MPL–Specialty Specific Series (MPL SSS) will be introduced which will replace the Risk Management Reviews. The MPL SSS will still provide medical specialty specific information, however, in shorter aggregate time intervals and with new information as well.

Closed Claim Comparative (CCC)

The MPL Association MPL–Closed Claim Comparative (MPL CCC) has been designed for use as a tool for insurance company personnel and to educate practitioners regarding nationwide payment trends. This information should be used to complement other data currently in use to identify claim trends and payment patterns. Claims closed between 2004 and 2013 were reviewed. Data quantifies the proportion of closed claims resulting in indemnity payments (specifying average, median and largest payment amounts), and average defense expenses. Claims are further characterized by close year, physician specialty, loss causation, and claim resolution. This report is published annually. MPL Association MPL CCC contents include:

    Definitions and Terms
    Exhibit 1: Comparative Claim Payment Summary by Close Year

    • Claim Payment Analysis (Real & Nominal Dollars)
    • Indemnity Payment Threshold Analysis (Real & Nominal Dollars)
    • Reported ALAE Analysis (Real & Nominal Dollars)
    • Reported ALAE by Indemnity Payment Threshold (Real & Nominal Dollars)
    • Combined MPL Claim Payments (Real & Nominal Dollars)
    Exhibit 2: Comparative Claim Payment Summary by Specialty
    • Claim Payment Analysis
    • Indemnity Payment Threshold Analysis
    Exhibit 3: Comparative Claim Payment Summary by Loss Causation
    • Top Five Presenting Medical Conditions
    • Top Five Procedures
    • Top Five Resulting Medical Conditions
    • Top Five Chief Medical Factors
    • Severity of Injury
    Exhibit 4: Comparative Claim Payment Summary by Resolution
    • Claim Payment Analysis by Claim Type
    • Claim Payment Analysis by Disposition
    • Claim Payment Analysis by Cap Limits