MPL Association Meeting and Workshop Sponsorships

Are you seeking a way to raise awareness regarding your product, service, or brand among the MPL Association membership?  If so, look no further than MPL Association meeting and workshop sponsorships.  MPL Association meetings and workshops, which take place throughout the year, attract targeted audiences from the various disciplines within an insurance operation.  Topics covered include underwriting, claims, risk management, marketing, information technology, human resources, finance, and more.  To see a full calendar of the MPL Association’s meetings and workshops, click here.

Meeting and workshop sponsorships provide exclusive opportunities to connect with representatives from MPL Association member companies.  Events or sessions typically sponsored include the following:

  • Welcome reception
  • Keynote speaker or closing speaker
  • Individual education session or session series
  • Books or other giveaways 

Please note that all sponsors must abide by ACCME standards for commercial support. 

For more information on MPL Association meeting and workshop sponsorships, or to learn what sponsorships are currently available, please contact Ginny McGuinness at or 301.947.9000, ext. 211.