Purpose: Connecting the MPL Community

The MPL Association Data Sharing Project is a collaborative effort for the medical professional liability (MPL) community to collectively analyze claims data. Participating MPL Association member companies submit data that is aggregated, safeguarded, and provided in groupings for confidentiality. The data is then made available in multiple formats for the benefit of those with an interest in MPL claim trends, loss-causation data, defense costs, and other key analytics.

The DSP offers a collegial environment where participants can connect with other MPL insurers, contributing and learning from significantly strong data statistics.

As an independent forum for MPL data, the DSP provides information that allows participating companies to enhance healthcare risk management, advise patient safety efforts, track MPL costs, and to further seek or maintain effective medical liability reform.


Participation is free and open to all MPL Association regular or industry associate members, domestic and international. Medical, healthcare, and hospital professional liability data may be submitted daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or semiannually.

  • Data validation is automated to ensure clean, correct, and useful data submission.
  • No specialized software needed.
  • ICD-9 or ICD-10 codes are used to identify conditions and procedures involved in the MPL/HPL event.
  • Upon agreement to participate, a DSP Reference Manual will be provided and a training session will be scheduled.
Data submission occurs through the new DSP web application without the need for customized software. Claims information can be directly submitted into the DSP database via a web browser where the data can be reported, corrected, and exported at any time. Export requests, error reports, and the DSP Reference Manual are all available on the web application.


  • Participation is free of charge
  • Free trainings/orientations
  • MPL submission via web application
  • 48 free reports
    • National aggregate DSP Closed Claim Comparative (CCC) Report PLUS your company-specific information
    • National aggregate DSP Specialty Specific Series (SSS), 21 reports PLUS your company-specific information
  • Free subscription to Research Notes and DSP Blackboard
  • Significant discounts on CME studies [live links]
  • Free query requests of DSP data
  • Use of DSP data and MPL publications for corporate/departmental initiative projects, publications, and reports
  • Opportunity to be a part of the Data Sharing Advisory Committee (DSAC)
  • Free access to interactive DSP Dashboards

Staff/Skills Needed and Submission Cycles

To participate, a coder with expertise in MPL events codifies the loss causation and corrects any errors detected in the validation process. No other special skills are required. MPL Association provides all training. Generally, vice presidents of claims and risk management divide the coding responsibilities. Data submission deadlines are semiannual. Access to the web application allows for flexible submission daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly.