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Asset Management for MPL Insurers: Navigating Today's Market and Beyond

Tuesday, June 26, 2018
2:00-3:00 p.m. ET (1 p.m. CT, Noon MT, 11 a.m. PT)

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Effective asset management for medical professional liability (MPL) insurers requires three things: a keen understanding of today’s market conditions, second, the trends in investing and the critical issues that impact insurers, and third, a sense of what the future may hold.

This exclusive webinar, on asset management, features a panel of experts with significant experience in portfolio management, strategy development, market research, and much more. Each speaker will cover a key area of importance for everyone responsible for, or even just interested in, maximizing the assets of an MPL insurer.

First, R. Bryce Lee of The Optimal Service Group will share his insights on the market. The current economic recovery has surpassed the return and duration of the average bull market; but is there a recession on the horizon? With increasing geopolitical risks and recent spikes in volatility, what is in store for market volatility for the remainder of this year, and then the period after November 2018 mid-term elections? At this point, global equity markets are at near record highs; is there still room to run? Bryce will answer these and other pressing questions.

Over the past two and a half years, the U.S. Federal Reserve has increased the target overnight lending rate six times, and has plans to increase rates an additional two (or possibly three) times this year. These increases have had a substantial impact on everything from the overall level and shape of the Treasury curve to the performance of emerging-market currencies and volatility funds. The second speaker, Peter B. Cramer of Prime Advisors, will address the interconnected web of financial markets and discuss their relative vulnerability to higher U.S. Treasury rates. In addition, he will provide background information that is key to understanding how U.S. Treasury rates are impacting liquidity, risk premiums, and the correlations among asset classes.

Finally, Michael R. Earley of DWS will discuss some specific trends in investing, such as the increase in CLO investing. In addition, looking forward, he will address the biggest risks for the assets of MPL insurers, including the impact of recent changes in tax law and the implications of these changes for managing municipal bond portfolios, as well as the effect of a recent GAAP accounting change on equity investing.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session moderated by T.C. Wilson of The Doctors Company.


  T.C. Wilson
Chief Investment Officer, The Doctors Company



Peter B. Cramer, CFA
Senior Portfolio Strategist, Prime Advisors


Michael R. Earley, JD, CFA
Head of Client Solutions-Americas, DWS


Managing Director-Investments, Senior Institutional Consultant, The Optimal Service Group of Wells Fargo Advisors