MPL Association Membership Categories


Regular Domestic or International Membership (Voting)
This membership category includes MPL companies or other indemnification organizations (including risk retention groups, captives, and self-insuring entities) in the U.S. and internationally. All regular members can attend MPL Association meetings, workshops, webinars, and other events as well as participate in MPL Association committees, programs, and activities. In addition, regular members can vote at the Annual Meeting of Members.

Other valuable membership benefits include:

  • Research and Risk Management—Coordinated industry risk management information and data through the MPL Association Data Sharing Project and exclusive risk management analyses.
  • Discounted pricing for MPL Association Research Department white papers, reports, and other publications.
  • Eligibility to participate in MPL Association industry surveys, including the executive salary, Data Sharing Project, claims and patient safety studies, and information technology studies.
  • Electronic alerts on the latest information regarding federal and state legislative and regulatory actions.
  • Participation in Congressional campaigns via the MPL Association PAC, the only federal political action committee focused specifically on MPL reform.

Industry Associate Membership (Non-voting)
The MPL Association offers a non-voting Industry Associate Member category for MPL insurers who demonstrate a "substantial commitment" to the MPL product line, but don't meet the established criteria for Regular Membership. Entities that join at this level enjoy the same benefits of regular membership but are not eligible to vote.

Affiliate Partnerships (Non-voting)
The Affiliate Partner Program is open to product and service providers to the MPL industry including such as reinsurers, intermediaries, financial service providers, actuaries, IT consultants, brokerages, and others. The program provides greater access to market to companies in the MPL community.

In addition, the Affiliate Partnership for Defense Law Firms (DLF) program is intended for defense law firms that work in the MPL sector and have an ongoing business relationship with a current MPL Association regular or industry associate member. 

There are a variety benefit levels for MPL Association affiliate partners, each providing unique value for organizations including enhanced brand awareness, opportunities to interact with the MPL insurance industry’s key decision makers.



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