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MPL Liability Insurance Sector Report: 2023 Financial Results Analysis and 2024 Financial Outlook

Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 2:00 p.m. ET
Hear analysis and commentary on 2023 industry results and learn what to watch for in the sector in 2024, including an analysis of the key industry financial drivers.

MPL Association’s National Advocacy Initiative in Full Swing

The MPL Association is shifting its focus toward state policy makers with a new program—the National Advocacy Initiative. This comes at an important time for the MPL community as the deteriorating policy environment in the states is resulting in increasing attacks on established reforms.

Inside Medical Liability

Second Quarter 2022



Data Sharing Project
Claim Time to Resolution

A recent study of claims during a three-year time frame (2017-2019) in the MPL Association DSP shows the average time to resolve a claim is 4.6 years.


The average indemnity payment more than doubled when claims took three years to resolve compared to the average defense expense, which increased substantially at four years. Surgical specialty claims were resolved between four and five years, and primary care claims were slightly higher between five and six years.