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Launched in 1985, the Data Sharing Project (DSP) is the largest ongoing independent collaborative database of medical professional liability (MPL) claims and lawsuits.

The DSP is the largest independent ongoing MPL claims database compiling information from MPL Association insurers for more than 35 years. The DSP has incorporated several changes and member companies continue to demonstrate their dedication and need for this aggregated source of MPL claims data to enhance risk management programs and to track claim costs. MPL Association members have shared more than 350,000 physician and dental professional claims.

DSP Data is reported in a number of ways to members and stakeholders. Members of the Association have access to snapshots and studies. Participating members of the DSP have the highest level of access to information through the DSP Dashboards which allow for further comparative analyses in which member companies review their own data against the national aggregate in many ways.

MPL Association member companies, academic institutions, nonmembers, and others with MPL interests incorporate information from the DSP reports into their own educational materials through data query requests, citation requests, and collaboration opportunities.



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Data Sharing Advisory Committee
The Data Sharing Advisory Committee (DSAC) is comprised of multi-disciplinary individuals from DSP participating member companies who gather biannually to discuss various aspects of the Data Sharing Project (DSP). Discussions include: data updates, collaborations, general discourse by MPL Association members, and recommendations/advisements of the Research Department’s activities.

MPL Association members interested in participating in the Data Sharing Project or in learning about involving your company in DSAC should contact Kwon Miller at 301.947.9000 or