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2010 Aortic Disease Claims Study

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Breast Cancer Study

Delay in the diagnosis of breast cancer continues to be a leading cause of malpractice claims in terms of frequency and cost. This newly updated study offers invaluable insights into the critical issue of diagnosing breast cancer at an early stage. It is the third PIAA study in which breast cancer claims were examined in detail, the first study being published in 1990.

Breast Cancer Study, MPL Cancer Claims Miniseries: Volume 1

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Colorectal Cancer Claims Study

This study focused on paid cases of colorectal cancer claims for a 15 year time period (1991-2006). Topics consist of: physician specialties, stages of colorectal cancer, tests identifying colorectal cancer, symptoms, patient age ranges, indemnity payments for colorectal cancer claims and more. The publication includes a comparison of the 1991 PIAA Colorectal Cancer Claims Study to data from 2006 as well. Colorectal cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. and physicians and risk managers alike can learn from this data to hopefully prevent future adverse events.

Laparoscopic Injury Study

The need to conduct a special study on laparoscopic injuries was indicated by the high frequency of claims reported in a relatively short period. The study includes paid claims, claims that have not been resolved and those claims without a payment to the plaintiff. Nineteen PIAA member companies reported 535 cases that related to this condition. (electronic version only)